Instructor Training

We know exactly what you are tested on as we are the ones that test you!

We are the only UK Company qualified to examine for all the main governing bodies of snowboarding in Great Britain. We know exactly what you are tested on as we are the ones that test you.

Be aware many offer “training” but only we are qualified to qualify you.

Snowboard Coach are the only UK coaching company that are qualified and approved to teach all levels of instructor training. We offer courses in the UK and abroad at our winter base of Arnisal Andorra. We also offer pre course training for any instructor level again in the UK and in Andorra.

  • BASI Level 1 Instructor Training

    Level 1 Instructor Training

    Want a heads up on what you need to work on to pass your first Instructor Course? Our training sessions will give you a perfect idea of what’s included in the riding and teaching elements of the actual Level 1 and what you will be examined on. We will also give you a timescale of when we think you will be ready to take the course and pass. We have 2 training options for the Level 1.

    UK: Come and join us on any of our indoor 1 and 2 days courses or a private session.

    Andorra: our riding weeks are perfect for preparing for a level 1 course.

    For more info on the actual Level 1 exam please download our brochure.

  • BASI Level 2 Instructor Training

    Level 2 Instructor Training

    There is a massive step in terms of the required riding and teaching ability for the Level don’t be caught out.

    If you have completed the Level 1 and want to do the Level 2, then our interim training program is the perfect solution. After all you wouldn’t go from your GSCE’s straight to your A’levels without a bit of work in between.

    As well as our 1 and 2 day courses in the UK, we run specific Level 2 training weeks during the winter. We work through all the terrain that you will be tested on during the actual exam and have a mock assessment so you know what you need to fix, to pass this next step. We also look at teaching scenarios and give you tips and ideas that will develop your skills as an instructor in the mountain environment.

    Download our Level 2 Prep Week Brochure for more information.

  • BASI Level 3 Instructor Training

    Level 3 Instructor Training

    If you are serious about passing this top level exam, then look at our Level 3 season training program which will really help to prepare you both physically and mentally.

    However, we do understand not everybody can commit to the full season away, so we offer a fully tailored solution to your Level 3 training.

    Our training dates work around you so you can join us for as many weeks as you can. You join in with our Level 3 training and receive 1:1 sessions during your time with us. You will also shadow our Level 2 program and conduct teaching sessions with our trainees.

    This is to develop a higher level of teaching and riding skill and awareness. Riding indoors and teaching people to turn will not help for the Level 3. You need to be the best riders and teachers the system has to offer.

    All of us at Snowboard Coach have taken and passed this course. We are also qualified to deliver the exams...we know what you need to do to pass.

    Please email us for a tailored package to suit your requirements.

Refreshers & Resits

If you have done a Level 1 or Level 2 and been told you need to “re-sit” the technical or teaching part then we can help. We offer private and group re-sits in the UK and Andorra.

If you are already an instructor then you will need to attend a Continual Professional Development day (refresher) every 3 years. Snowboardcoach are the only UK Company who can refresh any level of instructor from any of the UK Snowboarding Governing Bodies.

Please get in touch with your specific requirements.


Part of being a good instructor is to shadow lessons and build your skills and knowledge. Not only when you are just starting out, but as you progress. As part of the instructor pathway you must build these hours shadowing at the relevant level.

All of our courses can count and we are authorised to sign off any hours you undertake with Snowboard Coach.

The cost of the course is the same but we involve you more in the teaching process and work with you to help you understand what we are doing and why.

Shadowing Snowboard Coach is ideal if working towards your Level 2 and beyond.

Please contact us if there is a course you would like to shadow.